Knowledge Begets Confidence


Verax reflects "Truthfulness" in Latin.  We believe there is not enough truth in the CBD/Hemp market.  We were founded by proven and trusted Pharmaceutical and Medical Device executives with a singular objective: “Ensure Hemp Testing and Product Development Leads to Safe and Effective Healthcare Products”.  Our initial business model will focus on our Verax Laboratory and Professional Services Group (VLPSG).

VLPSG was developed by a team of scientists, educators, and pharmacists to address safety, testing, education, production, and tracking issues in the CBD/Hemp/Nutraceutical markets. The following are our initial goals:

  • There are no national standards when it comes to testing CBD/Hemp/Nutraceutical products. We will develop a national testing accreditation standard.


  • VLPSG will partner with state pharmacy associations to empower health care practitioners interested in providing quality CBD products as part of patient care. After establishing state-wide partnerships, we engage in research with individual pharmacies determining optimal product lines and quantities to ensure patient needs are met in tandem with business goals. We will also provide education around CBD counseling and other relevant topics to promote best practices among our partners. In our affiliate program, a pharmacy can generate between $100K and $500K in additional net revenue per year.

  • We believe that CBD and Hemp products should all be traceable starting with their genetics, through farming and harvest, into production, and to the final delivery of a consumer product. Much like the FDA's Drug Supply Chain Security Act process, we will develop Track and Trace software tools intended to allow the CBD/Hemp industry to participate in a national database helping patients and customers identify where their products came from, what is safe, what the contents are, and increase overall transparency in the industry.