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Trust Through Verification


VERAX reflects "Truthfulness" in Latin.  We believe the CBD/Hemp and Supplement marketplace will be even further embraced through a structured process of transparency.  We were founded by proven and trusted Pharmaceutical and Medical Device executives with the objective of raising the trust level of CBD/Hemp and  Supplement products.  This focus has driven our involvement in three different markets that service the CBD/Hemp and Supplement business.


The connections VERAX has made through the research of our own products have developed into business relationships with dozens of CBD/CBG processors in the USA. We have been able to utilize these relationships and understanding of those processors' strengths to assist with sourcing and fulfillment of processed CBD/CBG powders for customers who wish to include non-THC cannabinoids in their cosmetics, drinks, or third-party products.  There is a high level of distrust from customers who purchase direct, therefore VERAX provides a service that is independent, allowing for a non-biased approach helping customers through a constantly changing maze of product and formulation selections. We intend to market this service direct to customers and organizations that need our assistance and through a corporate membership with the American Herbal Products Association.


A recent National Institute of Standards and Technology published study called the Cannabis Quality Assurance Program: Exercise 1 Final Report (, provided clear examples of laboratories reporting inaccurate results from standardized samples.  This is just one illustration of the need for an ongoing laboratory accreditation and proficiency program focusing on botanically derived products and supplements. We intend to market the benefits of our certification program to consumers through social media.  We will use direct marketing to reach the CBD laboratories and the CBD producers.

We believe healthcare professionals are critically important to the continued adoption and expansion of the CBD/Hemp and supplement market. Their education and accessibility position them to be a front-line source for the appropriate selection and use of products.  We have developed the Clinician Limited brand of hemp-derived CBD products specifically for them to distribute to consumers. The Clinician Limited brand is the only one structured to be distributed through a clinician and not directly to the consumer. Even though there are a lot of CBD products on the market, there are none that are structured to be controlled by clinical practitioners and sold at a price point set by the clinician.  This allows the practitioners to sell the CBD products at a low margin to help their community or a high margin as a premium service.

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