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Verax Laboratory and Professional Services Group (VLPSG) got its start when it became clear to our CEO that CBD/Hemp/Nutraceutical products have a wide variety of industry issues including accurate and standardized testing, product transparency, and traceability of the ingredients.

As a pharmacy-based group, we are also focused on helping independent pharmacies stay in business.  With a 30 year history of working with state and national pharmacy organizations, VLPSG connects with the leaders of state pharmacy associations to assess how pharmacies can improve business through a CBD affiliate program that generates income for the association and the independent pharmacy. We are serving as a singular entity that pharmacies can trust for CBD products, paired with cohesive and responsive customer support, while also providing education around how best to amplify product impact setting us apart from others in this space. 


We are also growing our services every day to ensure all our stakeholders have their needs met in a streamlined fashion. The use of CBD is in a constant state of evolution, and so are we!  Please contact us for more details.

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