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Bhodi Tims, PhD


Dr. Michael (Bhodi) Tims is program manager of Herbal Product Design and Manufacture MS and the Cannabis Science Certificate programs, as well as directing the Botanical Pharmacognosy Lab at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH).  He has broad herbal research experience in product and formulary development, clinical application, analytical method development, and the chemical ecology of medicinal plants.  His current research interests include: 1) the chemical ecology of controlled growing conditions for Cannabis; 2) characterizing extraction processes on the efficacy, safety and posology of herbal products; 3) developing formulary using adaptogens, trophorestoratives and cannabis to help build constitutional resilience in humans. Dr. Tims also collaborated with federal regulators to provide medicinal plant toxicity assessments. He co-developed HerbMed, a web-based herbal database providing access to scientific data on herbal medicine, and he completed a NIH/NIST postdoctoral fellowship developing Botanical Standard Reference Materials. His past research with medicinal plants explored: 1) phytochemicals as signaling molecules; 2) their chemical ecology; 3) tissue culture production; 3) developing analytical methods to evaluate product adulteration. He received his BA in English/Writing from George Mason University and his Ph.D. in the Chemical Ecology of Medicinal Plants from the University of Maryland, College Park. 

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